Western Australia Common Law

How To submit a statement of claim

If you have decided that you would like to commence a common law court hearing, you will need to submit a Peoples Notice of Statement and Claim of Right.

Note: as the common law process is managed by the people it is fully transparent.

Your submitted form is emailed to the Court Coordinator for review. If your claim is accepted is will be publicly gazetted.

A claim may not be accepted if it is determined to be frivolous. Remember you need to provide evidence of harm or loss. 

What the form looks like

Completing the form

Your form may print out over more than one page 

depending on the length of your statement



Your Claim Number is automatically generated for you.

Your Claim title is the name of the dispute ie: theft, damage, assault…..

Community of is your nearest city or main town. Ie Perth, Bunbury, Kalgoorlie. 

Or you may have a claim that is in the interest of the entire state or country. 

You could write Terra Australis…

When entering facts of the dispute please ensure you stick to facts only. Other details can be presented during your hearing.

The Remedy Sought should be fair and reasonable.

Please download and print your claim