Western Australia Common Law

Guardians of the Law


We currently have 24 sheriffs in the assembly. In ‘normal’ times an assembly would have only 1-2 sheriffs, however, we can all agree that we are not in normal times, and will not go back to the days before Covid 19.

In a time when ‘We the People’ need to stand together en masse to restore Rule Of Law: All Are Equal Before The Law and Lawful Due Process, both missing in our current landscape,  we need as many sheriffs as we can get!If you would like to become one of our sheriffs and help and protect our rights and freedoms  please use the contact form. You will be required to become a member of the assembly first, and understand that the sheriffs are answerable to the assembly and the wider community. The sheriffs are not an exclusive stand-alone group.Go to commonlawsheriffs.au for information on the Sheriffs of Terra Australis, or download the Sheriff Checklist below.

For information on the sheriffs
email: admin@wacommonlaw.au