Western Australia Common Law

These books and documents are available for you to down load.

Cannons of Positive Law

Rules of law intended to work towards the common good, and serve peace and harmony.

Common Law Training Manual

Written by Kevin Annett from the Republic of Kanata in Canada this is the go to manual to help set up your common law assembly and common law courts.


Commonwealth of Australia Constitution Act

Our Constitution establishes Australia as a federation under a constitutional monarchy and outlines the structure and powers of the Australian government's three constituent parts, the executive, legislature, and judiciary.

Eyes Wide Open

Born into the Australian Satanic Freemason this is Fiona Barnett's story of her survival of Satanic Ritual Abuse at the hands of dozens of well know Australians. Prepare to be shocked and have your eyes opened widely to the truth of those who runs our country and indeed our world!

freedom is more than just a seven letter word

Freedom is More then Just a Seven Letter Word

An empowering read. In this book by Veronica: Chapman she states ‘The Keys are YOUR Sovereignty. Understand these keys……and unlock Pandora’s Box to your Freedom.

jural assembly

Jural Assembly Handbook

Written for America by Anna Von Reitz, this book has great information on your rights, and much of it is just as applicable to us in Australia A Jural Assembly is very similar to a Common Law Assembly

living in the private

Living in the Private

EVERY natural man and woman is born “in the private”. Whereas, a sovereign government of the people is a public institution, and therefore its Public Servants, and its various artificial creations are “in the public”, including its artificial legal “persons”. A man or woman can either “live” “in the private”, or “act” “in the public”. The author is unidentified. Go here for the website https://livingintheprivate.blogspot.com/p/home.html

Our Freemason DeMolay Judiciary

Written by well known Australian Karen Brewer, this booklet explains how to identify those connected to the DeMolay network. Only those who rise to prominence within this network achieve the high ranking positions with in the Australian judiciary.

Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars

A manual for the total control of humanity.

Sui Juris ebook

A process for people accessing the courts. Hold government employees and judiciary accountable for their criminal acts. This book is not to be sold for profit By Pamela and Will Gaston

The Justinian Deception

Queenslander Romley Stewart has had extensive experience with thuggery and deception of the unlawful corporation posing as the QLD government. His booklet, The Justinian Deception, is a must read to comprehend the depth of the deception of language and how we are so easily trapped. Check out Rom's YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/c/JustinianDeception

US sheriff handbook

US Sheriff Handbook

For the US to “fully inform” the American County Sheriffs, Deputies and Bailiffs as to their authority, duty and the Law. Interesting to have a read through