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The information available around the treason and deception perpetrated on the people of Australia, and indeed the world, is phenomenal!

We will not attempt to provide all that information here however we will share information that we find interesting and useful both in relation to law, lawful and rule of law, and legal and legal fiction. We also share information on holistic wellness.

As we move away from the restrictive control of the private foreign owned corporation, and attempt to create a healthier life for ourselves, families and communities we find reverting back to the ways of our forefathers to be healthier and kinder to our bodies and environments.,

In  2022 we welcomed Crown Executive Orders into the Assembly and now work closely,

holding accountability to

Rule of Law: All Are Equal Before the Law

and Lawful Due Process by Public Servants

Crown Executive Orders

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Find clarity on Rule of Law: All Are Equal Before The Law.

Witness the dynamic natural mechanisms of Law that protect humanity from tyranny and slavery.  These are the same Source Codes the Sheriffs work with.  

Make use of this knowledge to serve you and to contribute to the greater Rise of Humanity as we leave the Age of Pisces – the Age of Guardianship, and move into the Age of Aquarius – the Age where Humanity governs itself.  

Find the Terra Australis Grand Jurys here, and many other tools for your use.  Use the Join Us button to receive the invites for Jurors for Grand Jurys, every full moon.  

We are a loving, spectacular, abundant Humanity.  

May Peace be with you.

Please feel free to visit http://www.executiveorders.life

to learn, explore and experience who is the real Crown?   It is you?